Controversial Music Video Turns Spotlight On Homophobic World Figures

A controversial music video that shines a light on anti-gay world figures has been unveiled today by boutique New York label, Sea To Sun Recordings.

The provocative video to ‘Love Is Love’ by VenSun spreads a message of equality and addresses the global struggle for human rights. It highlights homophobic politicians, world leaders and public figures who have openly expressed opposition to same sex marriage and basic rights for gay people, and adorns them with rainbow coloured, fascist-style moustaches.

Images that appear in the video include Russian President Vladimir Putin, Republican Sarah Palin and Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe amongst others.

In contrast, it also features numerous politicians and world leaders adorned with rainbow-coloured halos in acknowledgment of their support for gay rights. These include President Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton, Queen Elizabeth and David Cameron.

‘Love Is Love’ is set to a backdrop of footage from famous events and marches such as New York City Gay Pride in 2013, the 1993 Equal Rights March in Washington, the Women’s Rights movement and the Stonewall riots. These images are to remind people of the on-going struggle not only for LGBTQ rights, but for all human rights.

‘Love Is Love’ is the debut single from VenSun, a new artist project from French producer, David Vendetta with lyrics from esteemed, electronic music Songwriter/Vocalist, Sylvia Tosun. Sylvia is also a social activist and long time supporter of human rights; a regular advocate for LGBTQ organisations, performing for, and supporting numerous charities. Sylvia said:

My inspiration to pen Love Is Love came from a feeling that love should and will always unite people, no matter who we are. Coincidentally, President Obama tweeted following the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn the Defense of Marriage Act: "Today’s DOMA ruling is a historic step forward for #MarriageEquality #LoveIsLove”. Many of my friends are affected by issues of Equality. Love is Love symbolizes a basic divine reality - the right to love.”

David Vendetta is a French DJ/Producer, popular worldwide, but with a strong following in Russia where he regularly performs. With this video he has put his livelihood on the line to make a statement against the treatment of gay people by the Russian government. David said;

In my country we attach great importance to human rights and democracy. I believe that every individual has the right to freedom of thought and to choose their way of life. I'm pro    gay-marriage – everyone should be entitled to the same rights and freedom as anyone else.”



Notes to Editors

Featured in the ‘Love Is Love’ video with rainbow moustaches are:

- Vladimir Putin, Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Maggie Gallagher, Scott Lively, Brian S. Brown, Ann Coulter, Anita Bryant, Karl Rove, Jerry Falwell, Brian Fischer, Alexey Zhuraviev, Jesse Helms, Pat Robertson, Peter Labarera, Tony Perkins, Justice Antonin Scalia, President of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe, Phyllis Schafly, Linda Harvey.

Featured with rainbow halos are:

- President Barak Obama, Chaz Bono, Bayard Rustin, Tilda Swinton, Bella Azbug, Frank Kameny, Queen Elizabeth, Gloria Steinem, Larry Kramer, Hillary Clinton, Harvey Milk, Laura Bush, David Cameron, Steven Spielberg, Russel Simmons, Sean Penn, Justice Ginsberg, George Clooney , Clint Eastwood, Anne Hathaway, OREO cookie, Socrates, Nero, Lord Byron, Abraham Lincoln, Susan B Anthony, Nancy Pelosi.

- The video features footage of the shrine of Mark Carson, who was murdered in New York’s Greenwich Village in May 2013 Manhattan because he was gay.

- Also featured is footage of American singer, former Miss Oklahoma, and outspoken critic of homosexuality, Anita Bryant. She became one of the first persons to be publicly "pied" as a political act (in her case, on television), in Des Moines, in 1977. Bryant quipped "At least it's a fruit pie". While covered in pie, she began to pray to God to forgive the activist "for his deviant lifestyle" before bursting into tears as the cameras kept rolling.

- Sylvia Tosun works regularly for the following charities, Ali Forney , The Trevor Project , GLADD -, Heritage Of Pride (HOP) -, Folsom Street East -

- VenSun is a collaboration between renowned French DJ/Producer, David Vendetta and Sylvia Tosun. Their first single, ‘Love Is Love’ is out now on Sea To Sun Recordings.

- The Love Is Love video was produced by Reality Engine Studios. Directed and edited by Matyas Kelemen with Animation by Mikhail Gervits.

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