SEXTILE: astrologically named trio share 3rd single 'Visions of You' ahead of debut album release on Aug 21st.

Hear 3rd cut 'Visions of You' from trio's moody debut record.

With their debut album ‘A Thousand Hands’ set for release on August 21st through Felte, LA’s astrologically named SEXTILE present their 3rd slice of moody post-punk-infused catharsis.

On new track ‘Visions of You’ the band counteract the visceral rage of first single Can’t Take It and the frustrated surf punk of Flesh for a more upbeat number, with their frosty veneer melting into pummeling drums & lyrics meditating on themes of infatuation.

Listen to ‘Visions of You’:

Initially living in Brooklyn, guitarist/vocalist Brady Keehn and drummer/vocalist Melissa Scaduto made a jump to Los Angeles on a whim as the financial climate in New York became too much. Within months of being in LA, the two met bassist/ guitarist Kenny Elkin and keyboardist/synths Eddie Wuebben.

A Thousand Hands presents a primitive form of rock ‘n’ roll, melding surf punk, early industrial, ambient and post-punk. The album title is inspired by a form of spirit channeling that Wuebben was experimenting with one night. Whilst doing open eye meditation he felt thousands of hands reaching down towards him – a vision that was both frightening & exhilarating The experience left such an impression on the band, it became the first track on the album as well the album title.

On their debut record, Sextile waste no time setting a sombre tone with openers 'A Thousand Hands' and 'Flesh.'Menacing guitars blend into dark, rumbling synths as driving militaristic drumming leads the focused charge into unforeseen danger.

Still, whilst Sextile’s journey on ‘A Thousand Hands’ has undoubted moments of bleakness & catharsis, the band express their will to live, to confront their demons and forge on in search of better days, making for a captivating & spellbinding listen upon the way.

 A Thousand Hands is out August 21, 2015 worldwide.


Live dates:

08.27 Los Angeles, CA @ Non Plus Ultra w/ Terminal A, Big Debbie

09.22 Los Angeles, CA @ The Echoplex w/ Chameleons Vox



Flesh on Soundcloud

Can’t Take It on Soundcloud

For more information please contact / t. +44 7921 176502.

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