Strange Pill release dream pop song "Don't Say A Word"

Accompanied by a net videoart EP online, "Don’t Say A Word" is the second song we can explore in a visually striking and one-of-a-kind EP by awarded duo Strange Pill

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The net art EP launches offIcially for the 20th anniversary of 404 Art & Technology Festival in Mexico & New York. You can see the full net art EP, with "Don't Say A Word" and "Mamma Doom", and pre-listen the next two song releases "Wipe Me To Forget" and "You Bring Me Hope" here:


Accidental Pollinators

Melancholic beat dream pop as in a love song out of a David Lynch movie. Don’t Say A Word is a haunting and shimmering walk towards a sci-fi horizon, with electronic beats built by organically sampling sounds of doors and other objects.

Again Strange Pill work with the designer of textures and YozMaz’s producer Dave Campbell (62nd Cell, Hi-Ryze) for all the mixing touches; with Daisy Brodskis on bass, Joantoni Seguí on drums, Paco Casasola who comes in halfway through, emulating Jeunet’s & Caro’s Delicatessen with his hair-raising lamenting saw & bow, and there’s also a tray-crashing cameo by Philippa Heimann, the expressionist artist that provides the oil painting landscape for the stunning video art accompanying this release.

Strange Pill use a similar process to tape recording, to capture the rawness of the moment of each full individual performance, and bring it all together into video montages that present like moving paintings that respond to your mouse.

Don't Say A Word's video art is also created by this duo of musicians and awarded multidisciplinary artists, with motion graphics by designer and represents the second single of the four-song EP that Strange Pill drop in the last two months - they released Mamma Doom in August and two more will be coming out in the following months. All together these four songs are part of a net art EP called "The Nyco Project:The New Machine III", a set of four moving paintings that invite to enter a journey of perception expansion, where the parts make the whole and the whole becomes more than the sum of the parts, as we explore the multilayered nature of a song and re-adapt our hearing.

The net art EP is on exhibition online for the 20th anniversary of 404 Art & Technology Festival in New York from the 27th to the 29th of October. You can see the full net art EP and pre-listen the next two song releases Wipe Me To Forget and You Bring Me Hope here:

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Psych pop rock and audio visual artists duo living between London and Mallorca. Strange Pill collaborate with people like Kavus Torabi (Gong, The Utopia Strong), Tom Marsh (Lana del Rey) and Mallorcan psychedelic, noise & pop rock band and multidimensional collective The Cicely Satellites. Often working with dummer Joantoni Seguí and with Daisy Brodskis on bass, Zahara Muñoz-Vicens’s vocals have been compared to “a lineage of sensual ‘alt-torch’ singers” Nancy Sinatra, Julie London & Martina Topley-Bird through to Beth Gibbons, PJ Harvey and Karen O, merging with Ben Hardy’s leading guitars, which ride on journeys from Mystery Train to Velvet Underground over sunbleached, windswept borderlands.
Mixing the rawness of their process with YozMaz’s cult techno & house producer Dave Campbell (Hi-Ryze, 62nd Cell), this duo of rare multidisciplinary artists create otherworldly sonic landscapes with soft, ethereal, eerie vocals that pierce through relentless grooves, seductive and tantalising.

October 20, 2023 10:55am ET by Accidental Pollinators  

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