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Strange Pill releases new single

Mazzy Star meets Black Sabbath meets Blonde Redhead


Accidental Pollinators

With dream-like, darkly sensual, melancholic raw vocals in the lines of Karen O (Yeah Yeah Yeahs) & Kazu Makino (Blonde Redhead), Mazzy Star meets Black Sabbath in an existential waltz. Wipe Me To Forget is a minimalist song about the fragility of reality as it is fated by subjectivity of perception. With lunar echoes, evolves into a three minute black lodge expansive outro and final howl with references to Bruce Lee.

Recorded in multiple spaces of a house in Surrey (UK) for a perception-expansion audio visual music project (www.strangepill.co.uk) .
Co-produced with Dave Campbell (62nd Cell, Hi-Ryze) & mastered at Abbey Road with Frank Arkwright.


Wanna see the light, wipe me to forget
Cannot see the light, wipe me to forget
Stones and roses guide me to the end
All them roses
like my friends
Can you see? you got me
Felt like a razorblade flying through the sky
Just like a razorblade flying through the night

Wanna be fine, wanna be like water

Voice: Zahara Muñoz-Vicens (Spain)
Guitars: Zahara & Ben Hardy (UK)
Bass: Daisy Brodskis (UK)
Drums: Joantoni Seguí (Spain)

Witten and composed by Zahara Muñoz-Vicens & Ben Hardy (Strange Pill)


Psych pop rock and audio visual artists duo living between London and Mallorca. Strange Pill collaborate with people like Kavus Torabi (Gong, The Utopia Strong), Tom Marsh (Lana del Rey) and Mallorcan psychedelic, noise & pop rock band and multidimensional collective The Cicely Satellites. Often working with dummer Joantoni Seguí and with Daisy Brodskis on bass, Zahara Muñoz-Vicens’s vocals have been compared to “a lineage of sensual ‘alt-torch’ singers” Nancy Sinatra, & Martina Topley-Bird through to Beth Gibbons, PJ Harvey and Karen O, merging with Ben Hardy’s leading guitars, which ride on journeys from Mystery Train to Velvet Underground over sunbleached, windswept borderlands.
Mixing the rawness of their process with YozMaz’s cult techno & house producer Dave Campbell (Hi-Ryze, 62nd Cell), this duo of rare multidisciplinary artists create otherworldly unique sonic landscapes with soft, ethereal, eerie vocals that pierce through relentless grooves, seductive and tantalising.

May 7, 2024 10:55am ET by Accidental Pollinators  

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