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Taylor Swift: 'If you call yourself a style icon, you really need to check yourself'

'Shake It Off' beauty Taylor Swift has opened up about her love of fashion in a new interview and revealed that although she thinks she has a good eye for clothing, she wouldn't go as far as to say she has a masterful approach to self-styling. 

Speaking exclusively to Vanity Fair, the superstar admitted that while she has a good grasp on basic fashion, she definitely wouldn't consider herself to be a 'style icon' because that seems a little too contrived:

“I think I know how to put together a good outfit... But any day you’re going to admit to being a style icon is a day you need to look in the mirror and really check yourself.”

As previously reported, Swift also spoke about her female friends and admitted that some of them have dated the same men, but they all value their bond as a sisterhood above their romances with guys: “We even have girls in our group who have dated the same people... It’s almost like the sisterhood has such a higher place on the list of priorities for us. It’s so much more important than some guy that it didn’t work out with.”

“When you’ve got this group of girls who need each other as much as we need each other, in this climate, when it’s so hard for women to be understood and portrayed the right way in the media... now more than ever we need to be good and kind to each other and not judge each other—and just because you have the same taste in men, we don’t hold that against each other.”

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