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Polaroid thank Taylor Swift for reviving popularity in company

The CEO of Polaroid has spoken about the positive effect Taylor Swift has had on the company.

The singer used the business' instant cameras for the artwork for her 2014 album '1989'.

Speaking to Digital Spy, Polaroid boss Scott Hardy said that Swift's use of instant photography has led to an increase in sales.

He said: "There's a huge resurgence of instant Polaroid cameras. The whole hipster generation, they love the nostalgia and the retro element of what our brand stands for.

"Taylor Swift's '1989' only helps bolster this growth and acts as a proof point that our brand is still cool and relevant to that younger demographic.

"The instant camera's not for pragmatic users, it's more for teenage kids who never saw instant photography, for them it's magic. It's novel that you can actually take a photograph, print it and have it develop before your eyes."

Hardy added that Swift's team contacted the company before starting work on the album's design.

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