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Taylor Swift's brother on her work ethic: 'She would perform at karaoke contests'

Taylor Swift's brother says the singer's work ethic was visible even when she was an unknown musician.

The pop star is now one of the biggest names on the planet, but it seems she had humble beginnings.

Brother Austin said Taylor would personally visit record labels with CDs, as well as perform at karaoke competitions.

The actor told People: "[I'd be] watching her go door-to-door dropping off demo CDs at labels that never called.

"I was there when she was performing at karaoke contests and in the corners of parties with the same enthusiasm she now plays to stadiums full of her fans.

"Having seen that example, how much goes in, how long it took...That’s always going to be bedrock for who I am and who I want to be."

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Watch Taylor Swift in action below:


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