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Taylor Swift tops Forbes' Highest-Paid Women in Music of 2016 list

"Shake It Off" sensation Taylor Swift has been crowned the Highest Paid Woman in Music with phenomenal earnings of $170 million (£136,822,577.30).

Lori Landew, entertainment lawyer, told Forbes magazine that Swift's appeal comes from her ability to reach a diverse, global audience with her cross-genre music: "She has been building her fan base for years, and that fan base crosses multiple market segments."

"It's this ability to appeal to younger and older audiences, and those in between, that makes Taylor such a sure bet with both concert promoters and brands who want to affiliate with her and with the community she has cultivated."

Check out the full list of Forbes' Top 10 Highest-Paid Women in Music of 2016 here:

1. Taylor Swift ($170 million/£136,822,577.30)
2. Adele ($80.5 million/£64,726,222.23)
3. Madonna ($76.5 million/£61,490,234.12)
4. Rihanna ($75 million/£60,362,901.75)
5. Beyoncé ($54 million/£43,418,832.30)
6. Katy Perry ($41 million/£32,966,150.45)
7. Jennifer Lopez ($39.5 million/£31,800,982.71)
8. Britney Spears ($30.5 million/£24,555,189.18)
9. Shania Twain ($27.5 million/£22,133,063.97)
10. Celine Dion ($27 million/£21,709,416.15)

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Watch her music video for "Out Of The Woods" here:


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