Patriarchy Shares "Grind Your Bones" Front Line Assembly Video

LP Out On Dero Arcade

'Reverse Circumcision' Vinyl Pre-orders Live

Features Remixes By Nitzer Ebb, ADULT., 3TEETH, Light Asylum, Front Line Assembly + More


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Photo Cred: Michael Deleon Romero

Patriarchy shares the music video for "Grind Your Bones" remix by Rhys Fulber of Front Line Assembly. Vinyl pre-orders for Reverse Circumcision are available now.

Patriarchy's Reverse Circumcision REMIX LP is out on Dero Arcade. Featured remixers on the project include Nitzer Ebb, ADULT, Light Asylum, Front Line Assembly + more. All of the remixed songs come from the first Patriarchy album, Asking For It, released in November of 2019.

Throughout the pandemic, Actually Huizenga has delved into a safely-distanced blossoming of creative connection with some of her favorite fellow artists and friends. By sharing her stems, the songs have grown into something exciting and magical, taking on a new life within this polarizing time of sickness and enlightenment, confusion and change. The remixes turned out so well that Actually insisted that she make videos for the singles, before the full LP release.

Each video is not only a remix of past footage pertaining to the original song’s original video, but it has new footage which either involves the remix artist directly (acting in the video like Bon Harris and Geneva Jacuzzi) or by researching and having a creative discussion with said artist, in which Actually actually becomes the artist’s character and ego (like Deb Demure in the Drab Majesty remix video) or references their iconic symbology (like in the Front Line Assembly remix video).

Join us in our bacchanalia where we find romance in the perverted while reversing the symbols and structures of the known Patriarchy - to reverse the circumcision.

Reverse Circumcision LP

  1. "I Don't Want To Die" Geneva Jacuzzi
  2. "Hell Was Full" Bon Harris (of Nitzer Ebb)
  3. "Burn The Witch" Drab Majesty
  4. "It Goes Fast" Second Skin
  5. "He Took It Out" John Fryer (of This Mortal Coil)
  6. "Sweet Piece Of Meat" Xavier Swafford (of 3TEETH)
  7. "Grind Your Bones" Rhys Fulber (of Front Line Assembly)
  8. "I Don't Want To Die" Light Asylum
  9. "Hell Was Full" ADULT.

"COVID happened, of course, leaving the restless, multi-medium artist with a ton of ideas and limited outlets to express them. Enter Reverse Circumcision: The Remixes." - Self-Titled Mag

“The robotic nature of the drums paired with the longing of the vocals sets the stage for the push and pull we all feel when navigating through life.” - Metal Injection

"Collaboration with Geneva Jacuzzi proved a perfect fit for the rebirth of her track" - Post Punk

"An opulent, pulsing-synth new remix of the track" - BlackBook

"The songs have grown into something exciting and magical, taking on a new life within this polarizing time of sickness and enlightenment" - xsnoize

"Drab Majesty’s rework of “Burn The Witch” glitters and glows through a macabre haze" - Cool Hunting

"The video features a horse, a few vampires, buckets of gore, nudity and general sacrificial debauchery. It's NSFW but who is going into the office these days?" - Brooklyn Vegan

"part Bebe Buell, and Nancy Spungen, with a generous portion Bruce Dickinson in aesthetic—altogether a grotesque amalgam of all the sexual energy from punk, goth, and heavy metal." - Post Punk

"LA-based metal band Patriarchy, featuring multifaceted artists Actually Huizenga and Andrew Means, strikes again subverting our age-old societal boundaries and basking in the dark and weird."
- Flaunt

"...a scary fever dream, in the best way possible." - V Magazine

"The techno-pop backing track plays against the visuals and lyrics to create, much like all of her art, a wholly disconcerting experience – in the best way possible." - DAZED

"’s a goth project in the best way possible—the band has a death metal logo, blood always seems to be flung around, and the lyrics are not for the faint of heart." - L'Officiel

"...more concerned with darkness and raw emotion than catering to the hyper-PC culture that reigns today...and it’s refreshing." - Office Magazine


Patriarchy Bio:

Patriarchy is Actually Huizenga – LA-Based multidisciplinary artist/ film maker – produced by Andrew Means (3Teeth multi-instrumentalist), revealing a new focus toward the darker, heavier side of synth-punk/new-wave & industrial music.

Her fresh work explores themes of sex, power, subversion & death, with what appears to be an intense interest in Ancient Greek Mythology & 80's slasher films, a heavy dose of Mulholland Drive, and a sound that is equal parts ABBA and NIN.

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