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So you’re thinking about trying Bestseller market, eh? I’ve been there, and it’s kind of a scary place. Basically, you’re considering spending a significant amount of money on a song you care a lot about – while dealing with the gnawing doubt that you may be throwing it down the drain and the confusion of sorting through a weird mix of Trust Pilot reviews.

Here’s the reality: for to be worth it, there are really two questions that need to be answered:

Does best seller market have a strong network to pitch to (meaning, playlists that are not infested with bots)?

Will my song work?

Despite what you may have heard, the answers aren’t straightforward. Look, there’s a ton of advice out there to “avoid playlist pitching services” flat out, hard-stop.

This Venture article, for example, makes a frighteningly compelling argument that boils down to this: Third-party playlists are heavily populated by bots. Paying to get pitched to bot-infested playlists is actively harmful.

It’s a good argument, and there’s absolutely truth to it. But it all rests on that first premise that third-party playlists are populated by bots. From what I’ve seen, that’s not a false premise, but it’s also not entirely true. But I’m getting bogged down before I’ve begun. Let’s cut to the chase, and then I’ll circle back with details.

Here’s the answer you’re looking for…

Is Bestseller market worth it? As of right now, assuming that you have a strong song, my conditional answer is yes.

All right, one last thing that is probably more important than anything else I’ve written over the course of this review: Please remember that the value of your music isn’t reflected in the number of your streams. Streams are fun, but music matters more. It’s an end in itself. And on that note: Keep making beautiful things, and good luck.

If you want to boost your Spotify metrics, can be a worthwhile investment.

Given the minimal payout per stream that Spotify offers, you’re almost certainly not going to make money back on a campaign, and given the ever-changing nature of the curator field, your results are always something of a risk. But if you want to establish a foundation of streams that benefit further algorithmic growth, the platform can work – assuming your song is strong.

It worked for me.


December 22, 2022 12:40am ET by Entertainment News Publishing  

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