Australian TV star Songwriter Producer and Singer Cherie Laurent Releases “Daddy”

A Little Like Cher Meets Guns N Roses - She’s Got The Music In Her!


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Melbourne, AUS / Los Angeles, CA...Australian TV star, Songwriter, Producer and Singer Cherie Laurent new single "Daddy" is a heartfelt song that represents the sound of the soul's regrets, begging for forgiveness and reaching out to him. In this song, Cherie tries to reach out to the spirit of her dead father and open her heart about her lifelong struggle of loving him but never being able to get his approval of her during his life.

She opens up about her struggle to keep going in life knowing she was a disappointment to him. He wanted her to fit his dreams and expectations.

She explained to him in very heartfelt words: That she loved him, and she had no choice but to run away to find herself and live her life. She apologized for not being able to be the daughter that he wanted. Cherie tries desperately to find the strength inside of her to keep going after he is already gone without having the final conversation.

This song will shake your heart and make you feel paralyzed from the level of tenderness, sadness, and beauty of pain that come with losing someone you love.

Cherie has written this song as a message to her deceased dad when she attended his funeral to say to the world what she so longed to tell him when he was alive, but she never had the chance to say it. Cherie let's out all the pain and love that comes with loss and grieving over the loss of a loved one.

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About Cherie Laurent

The Australian television sensation, singer, and songwriter comes alive with an exotic nursery-rhyme background. She blossomed as a child of love in a conflict zone, escaping the harsh reality of war and running away to flourish to her potential as an Artist, Singer, Actress, Television Host, Producer, Director, Fashion Designer, and an International Icon of style.

Cherie was born in Baghdad, a city that connected us to Sinbad the Sailor, The Magic Lamp & The Flying Carpet. At the age of 15, Cherie was cast as an extra in a film. This piqued her interest in acting, singing, painting, and photography. She began her journey with rigorous acting and dancing lessons, gaining numerous parts as an extra in several television commercials.

Cherie Laurent kicked off 2022 with the release of her powerful single called ‘Down On Me’, which is an anthem for equality. The single was aired on well over 80 radio stations worldwide and received positive reviews from Scenester, HEAVY Mag, Amplify, Scene zine, IAMUR, and many more.

On the set of a television advert, young Cherie was spotted by a modeling scout that started her on a path into the wild world of high fashion and modeling. This gave her an excellent opportunity to travel internationally and experience the world’s cultures and beauty Laurent’s first film was “THE MESSAGE”, a film that Laurent herself, wrote, directed, produced, and also starred in. The film played over 15 international film festivals around the world. The film was chosen as a finalist of “The Q-SYDNEY Film Festival” in Australia. “THE MESSAGE” also received numerous Television screenings on international networks.

Cherie was introduced to the Australian audience on the television show “Australia’s Got Talent”. She was soon featured on the show “Fat Pizza TV”. Soon after was offered her own Australian television show “Ma Cherie TV”. Since her first film, Cherie Laurent has gone on to produce independent feature films and two television series, “Ma Cherie TV” as well as “Don & Cherie TV” Both television shows are currently streaming on “Roku TV” & “Amazon Fire TV” impressing an international audience.

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