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Wiley says new album will be his last: 'I can’t be jumping about like a 20-year-old anymore'

Grime sensation Wiley has revealed that his new album 'Godfather' will probably be his last. 

During a new interview with the NME, he explained that he initially derailed the record because a friend called him and told him that he wasn’t sure he had what it took to make it grime anymore, which knocked his confidence. However, he is now ready to move past that:

“I just decided that I’m not gonna let what other people think stop me from doing anything. I know it’s a new day now. But this is grime. There will never be a time when I don’t know how to do it.”

He went onto reveal the inspiration behind the album's title, adding that it's likely to be his final record: “In fact, the real reason this is called ‘Godfather’, is because it’s probably the last Wiley album. I’m nearly 40. I can’t be jumping about like a 20-year-old anymore.”

"It will be hard for me to stop making music. But it won’t be hard for me to sit at home and watch [Streatham MC] Santan Dave and all these sick kids take grime to where I couldn’t take it."

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Watch Wiley in action below:

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