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Prescription PR is a leading UK music PR, music promotion and digital marketing agency.


Country: United Kingdom

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Telephone Number: +44 (0) 1223 505328

About Company


Prescription PR is a UK music PR and digital marketing agency based near London, offering a wide range of communications services for the entertainment and music industries. We were born out of a genuine love for artists that we think will impact people’s lives, and have a knowledge and appreciation of music from the grassroots to the biggest names in the industry.

Our services include:

We've worked extremely hard to develop a client roster that represents our fierce work ethic and what we’re all about. This includes working with amazing independent labels like Epitaph, Lab and Proper through to majors like Universal.

Our aim is to break new acts or fully publicise heritage artists, work our magic in the digital marketing realm and devote ourselves as fully to our projects as our clients do to their product.

Between us we've run record labels, played in bands, promoted gigs, booked tours, presented radio shows, made podcasts, marketed covermount CDs, licensed material from major and independent labels, edited fanzines, written for The Independent, Drowned In Sound and Rock Sound and, most importantly of all, spent most of our youth obsessing over, and spending almost every penny we had, on music.

As well as offering PR, we're here to offer advice because, for the most part, whatever you're thinking about your band or label - we've probably been there.

If we could leave you with one lasting thought it would be this; We won’t sell you a ‘package’, we’ll create something just for you. When your project means the world to you, it means the world to us as well.






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