Slam PR


Address: Fox Court, Gray's Inn Rd, London

Country: United Kingdom

Official Website:

Telephone Number: +44 (0) 20 7067 0015

About Company


SLAM is the first ever, truly global, boutique agency.

SLAM combines the best of both worlds. It is a creative hot shop, full of entrepreneurial spirit, creative gurus, connected scenesters and passionate marketing experts, backed up by the international footprint, outlook and infrastructure of a global agency.

We are an international boutique with teams on the ground across Europe, Asia Pacific and the USA.



We have a dynamic team of 25 SLAMMERS in the London office

The London team acts as a hub for many of our global clients including Zippo, Russian Standard Vodka and Beats by Dr Dre. Passionate teams around Europe – across Germany, France, Italy and Spain who work closely with the London head office acting as robust teams on the ground for local activation.

Across Asia Pacific we have teams in Tokyo, Beijing, Sydney, Seoul and Hong Kong. We also have teams in major US cities including LA and New York




To create for each of our clients, an influential community of passionates, supporters and fans that drive brand equity, raise awareness, shape opinion, inspire loyalty and increase sales.

We create and deliver compelling brand stories and campaigns.

  • We make the most of every relevant communications channel in order to connect with the most influential audiences
  • We cultivate powerful and exciting partnerships across genres and among individuals
  • We connect ambassadors and brands from music, fashion, beauty, luxury, sport, lifestyle, entertainment and business
  • We create word of mouth, column inches, viewing figures, page impressions, water cooler moments, fame and fortune 
  • We make brands 'cultural'. That way, whether you're a fashionista, blogger, journalist, broadcaster, trendsetter, tweeter or a good old-fashioned customer, you'll understand how a brand fits perfectly into your life