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Cher Lloyd: "My life is f***ing sorted"

Headstrong singer Cher Lloyd has admitted that after months of dealing with negativity, stress and the pressures of sudden fame she finally feels "very settled" and happy. 

Speaking to the Sunday Mirror newspaper, the 'With Ur Love' hitmaker opened up about her plans to crack America, her relationship with boyfriend Craig Monk and how she deals with creative direction from label bosses. She also joked that if she tries to take her career stateside she doesn't want to sink like "Robbie Williams" did there:

"America is such a big thing to try and do. If I did try and do it I don’t want to be rejected. I want to be the one to succeed and make it work. I’m no ­Robbie Williams."

Lloyd is very secure in who she is and explained that she had clear ideas and hopes for her debut album, and that she wasn't about to let her superiors - or even Simon Cowell - call the shots:

"I would have told Simon or whoever to p**s off if they handed me 20 songs and said sing them for this album. No way would I have done that."

The talented young hitmaker has been dating 21-year-old Monk for only several months but revealed to the newspaper that they're already co-habiting and she expects a 'happily-ever-after' from the relationship:

"We’re living together, we’re very settled. This is it. You won’t ever hear of me having another boyfriend. My life is f***ing sorted. It’s cushty. I’m rubbing my hands like an emperor. I’m on top of the world. I hope one day we’ll be married and having kids."

Watch her perform an acoustic rendition of her latest single below: