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Demi Lovato confesses that X Factor USA "messes with you"

'Skyscraper' beauty Demi Lovato has revealed that she didn't anticipate how stressful being a panelist on X Factor USA was going to be and admitted that it has got inside her head a lot more than she thought it would.

In a promotional clip recorded during the most recent auditions show in Providence, Rhode Island, the singer and actress can be heard talking about her initial expectations of her role on the programme:

"I mean, one, I definitely didn't think that it would be this challenging because saying no to people is really hard and emotionally it kind of messes with you a little bit 'cause you don't want to say no to some people, and then some people you're torn and you know in the back of your mind that if you say no, what if that was their only shot and you let them go when they weren't really that bad?"

Despite her emotional connection to the many contestants, Lovato added that she's having the best time and is getting along well with her fellow judges Simon Cowell, LA Reid and Britney Spears:

"It's just really confusing. But it is everything that I expected and more, with having fun and just bonding with the cast and everything. Like, everyone's so sweet and awesome and the crew's amazing, so I'm having a lot of fun."




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