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Demi Lovato Kicks Off New Year With Meditation Session

Demi Lovato kicked off the New Year with a meditation session to inform others how practising mindfulness can really help us all move forward into 2021 with positivity after an unprecedented and often anxiety-inducing past year.

The acclaimed singer-songwriter and actress filmed the session as part of YouTube’s Hello 2021: Americas series.

Burning sage and palo santo, the star continued to welcome 2021 as "a year of great new beginnings" and "a beautiful opportunity for anything, including picking ourselves back up again."

Lovato said: "I'm choosing to find the good... the good in my flaws, the good in my failures, the good in myself, in my breath, in all of it, and all of you."

She reminded novices to the practice that the important thing about meditation is to make it both "mindful" and "meaningful," adding that "you need to set an intention."

Lovato said: "I feel like I've been shallow breathing for this entire year, but it's time to finally take that deep breath.

"And I want you to feel it all the way in your toes. We are in a moment of transformation. A shift of the weight of this year is in motion.

"As a collective, let's thaw out the freeze we've all been feeling in 2020." 

Watch Demi Lovato's Hello 2021: Americas session for YouTube below.

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