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Katy B: "I'm more teetotal now than I was before"

Katy B has admitted that she barely drinks any more because she can't afford to ever give her fans a half-hearted or hungover performance. 

The 'Lights On' singer, who has been nominated to win this year's Mercury Prize, explained in a recent interview that she always has "something important on the next day" so can't risk going out and getting "completely slaughtered". 

"I've got to sing every night so can't get out and get completely slaughtered because it takes me a week to get over it. I definitely don't think I have done enoughgoing out already, every opportunity I get to go out, I do it."

"But I have to be sensible. People who have paid money to see me don't want to see me singing really badly because they'll not feel like they've got their money's worth."

The 22-year-old singer added that she's more responsible now than ever before and her love for both music and performing overrides the desire to give in to temptation:

"I'm more teetotal now than I was before. It's like when you don't go out because you've something important on the next day. Well every day is like that for me now."

Watch her recent Live Lounge cover of 'Let Me Go' here: