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One Direction's Niall Horan gets starstruck: 'My nerves went to a different level'

'Story Of My Life' heartthrobs One Direction are among some of the most well-recognised celebrities in the world, but member Niall Horan has revealed that there's one superstar he met recently who left him unable to speak due to nerves. 

The Irish singer confessed that he almost threw up when meeting Justin Timberlake, but has now admitted to Ryan Seacrest that his upset stomach was purely down to being completely starstruck:

"We were performing at the American Music Awards. I always get really nervous before we perform on live TV shows. And then just before we went on, JT was coming off after collecting and award and he just came up an said, ‘Hello,’ and my nerves went to a different level.”

While on the phone with KIIS-FM, Horan also talked about the band's upcoming 'On The Road' tour and explained that he can't wait: “We’re looking forward to it! We actually start the tour in February in Australia and we kind of make our way around the globe again and we’re coming out to America in San Diego on the ninth of July, so we’re looking forward to it. It’s going to be good!”

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Listen to the band's new interview with BBC Radio 2 below: