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Simon Cowell: "One Direction have a movie deal on offer"

Simon Cowell has revealed that One Direction have been offered to chance to make a movie.

The X Factor supremo was being interviewed by Britain's Got Talent colleague David Walliams for the Independent when he revealed the news.

He also admitted his pride at unearthing the boys and reckons there is "definitely a future" for the boyband.

When asked by Walliams if he's got a long-term plan for One Direction, Cowell replied:

"Well, you take it week by week. There's definitely a future for them. They've been signed up by Nickelodeon, they have a movie deal on offer. There's something special about these boys so I am proud of that because, and I've got to be honest with you, I'm 52 years old and there does come a point when you're on one of these shows and you have to wonder if your opinion is relevant anymore. Are you going to sound like an old fart? Or can you actually talk to people much younger than you and have them trust you and relate to you?"




Watch One Direction's Louis Tomlinson speak to VEVO below: