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Songwriter Savan Kotecha: 'One Direction have been a lot more involved on new album'

One Direction songwriter Savan Kotecha has revealed how the group have been a lot more involved in their second album, 'Take Me Home.'

The man responsible for co-writing 'What Makes You Beautiful' and 'Live While We’re Young' told Sugarscape that the boyband have taken a much more hands-on role on the follow-up to 'Up All Night':

“They’ve been a lot more involved. It’s like, yesterday, we were listening to some of the mixes and Louis was like ‘I prefer if the guitar riff was this way,’ so we changed it. We’ve let them grow, basically, and have given them a lot more involvement, especially with Niall – he plays guitar on every single song we did together." 

The former X-Factor vocal coach also revealed the band have a lot more writing credits on the record:

“Yeah, they’re gonna have a few. I’ve done at least three songs with them – I don’t know what’s gonna make the final album. 

“They’re actually really good – especially Liam, he was really impressive. He’s really, really good. He’s just smart, you can tell he’s smart. Some people write and they’re like "Oh i like that, time... and mime,” but he actually thinks about what he’s writing and the words that need to sing well. He’s actually really good.

Kotecha, who spoke to Pressparty earlier this year, continued:

“There’s one song that’s actually really personal to Louis on there.  It’s about going on tour, being away from the person that you love and being afraid that they might move on when you’re not there, that kind of thing. They did a good job on that."




Watch the video for 'Live While We're Young' below: