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One Direction: 'We wrote some rude lyrics during songwriting sessions for 'Take Me Home''

Heartthrobs One Direction have revealed that they were more involved with writing lyrics for their newly released album, 'Take Me Home', but couldn't help adding some funny lines into the songs.

During an interview with the Daily Star, member Liam Payne explained that they took a more hands-on approach with their sophomore offering and got the creative ball rolling by rhyming "rude" words:

"We were more involved this time round as we were so nervous when we made the first album. Usually we write some rude lyrics - there's a lot of things that rhyme with poo."

"You can come out with something which someone else in the band might knock down, but it leads to something else."

Payne also praised the lyrical prowess of 'Give Me Love' sensation Ed Sheeran, who penned the lads' single 'Little Things', adding: "Ed has become one of the best writers of our age. Every song that he's written I think, 'I wish I'd written that'. Each track on his album could have been a single."




Watch One Direction's 'Little Things' music video below: