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Actress Amanda Seyfried: 'I love young Justin Bieber'

'Mamma Mia' actress Amanda Seyfried (pictured left with her adorable dog, Finn) has revealed that she was a big admirer of Canadian teen sensation Justin Bieber back when he was a little younger and drama free.

Speaking to MTV News about her love of the 'Never Say Never' movie he released, the blonde beauty admitted she was a real fan but isn't too impressed by the superstar's recent antics:

"I would send back Bieber and take back young Bieber. 'The Never Say Never' Bieber, do you remember that? Oh my god I love that movie."

Seyfried, meanwhile, is now starring in Seth MacFarlane's new comedy film, 'A Million Ways To Die In The West', and plays a character named Louise. The movie has just been released in the UK. 

'As Long As You Love Me' heartthrob Bieber has just treated fans to a clip of what appears to be a brand new song, entitled 'It's Working', and recently called for the paparazzi to give him some space. 

Watch the trailer for Seyfried's new movie below: