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'Cinderella' actress Lily James: 'I believe in the magic of people and of connections'

25-year-old actress Lily James, who plays the lead role in Disney’s new live-action 'Cinderella', explained to Britain's The Sun newspaper that she definitely believes in true love.

The beauty plays Cinderella in the upcoming new film and confessed that she loves the central message of following your heart, but isn't quite sold on the magic side of things because turning a pumpkin into a carriage is impossible: 

"I believe in the magic of people and of connections, and I believe in true love. I don't know if I believe that you can turn a pumpkin into a carriage, though - unless you're on some crazy drugs."

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter recently, James admitted that she intially auditioned for the role of one of Cinderella's sisters: "It was the longest and most intense audition process I've done. I went in for one of the sisters, but I had dyed my hair blond for 'Downton Abbey', so they said I should read for Cinderella. I did loads of rounds, did screen tests with live mice and met with Ken to talk about his vision."

'Cinderella', which was directed by Sir Kenneth Branagh, will hit theatres from March 13 and also stars Helena Bonham-Carter and Cate Blanchette. 

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