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LA Reid on Fifth Harmony's new album: 'It's one of the best pop albums in years'

Music mogul LA Reid has spoken about the success that Fifth Harmony are currently enjoying. 

During a new interview with Billboard magazine, Reid explained that the girls haven't changed since appearing on The X Factor years ago, but they have become more sure of their sound and style, which has been reflected in how well they're doing commercially:

"When I met them they were the sweetest girls in the world with pure desire and true talent. And now they're the sweetest girls in the world with pure desire, true talent, and a lot to say."

"People grow as people, as artists, as talent. In the beginning they were a product of X Factor and while they always had a point of view, they were often sort of told what to do. They've taken their career into their own hands. So now what you're experiencing, with the success that they're having, is their vision. It's no longer the television show or the record company's vision. Now Fifth Harmony is Fifth Harmony's vision."

He also opened up about their forthcoming studio album '7/27' and confessed that it's nothing short of incredible: "This is one of the best pop albums I've heard in years. Like I love the Justin Bieber album as a full-on proper pop album. I think it's incredible. And I think this one is close -- it's that caliber of album."

"The only thing that matters to me is they do their best, and put their best musical foot forward. They're already a global phenomenon. They've become the biggest girl band in the world. People haven't quite accepted that, but they will. They have to maintain that and continue to grow that. You don't want to slide backwards here, that's really the point of it, but I'm proud of the album that they've made. I love every song. And by the way, there's more. We didn't even have to stop. We might not. We may go back and cut a couple more songs because they keep coming up with more great stuff."

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