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Alexandra Burke says she refuses to let Twitter death threats ruin her life

Alexandra Burke has declared that she refuses to let recent death threats made via Twitter ruin her life.

The ‘Elephant’ singer was forced to use a police guard at the launch of her 'Lipboom' make-up range on Wednesday after being sent chilling Tweets containing messages such as ‘I’m going to kill you tonight’ and ‘prepare to die’ earlier this week.

However, the 23-year-old told the Daily Star that she is now determined to deal with the abuse alone:

“I wouldn’t walk around all day with a bodyguard because of all this. It was scary, but I think having that kind of security would probably end up bringing even more attention my way.

“Can you imagine me walking around with a massive, beefy man by my side? I just wouldn’t want that. I’m hoping that’s an end to it now and I can just go back to normal. I think it’s done.”

The 2008 X-Factor winner, who premiered her new single, 'Let It Go' yesterday, also said that she has learned to deal with negative comments following the mixed reaction to her temporary judging role on the talent show last year:

“I’ve got a big mouth and I have a lot of catchphrases.

“I’m quite mad as you’ll see and I’m cheeky. That’s why I named one of my lipstick brands after the famous“




Watch Alexandra perform her last single, 'Elephant,' below: