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Noel Gallagher questioned over "yellow and white tablets"

Noel Gallagher was pulled up at Californian music festival Coachella for a stash of pills he was carrying on his person.

The High Flying Birds arrived on the site to perform with his new band (April 14), but was stopped and questioned because of the "yellow and white tablets" that were nothing more than sleeping pills. He explained to The Sun newspaper:

"We got body-searched coming in. It was like an airport. It is me, I suppose, so they might know the history. They pulled out my sleeping tablets and asked me to explain them. There were about 30 little yellow and white tablets."

"I said, 'In all seriousness Chuck, or whatever your name is, do you not think these would at least be down my sock? They are sleeping tablets. What do you want me to do? Take one before I go on stage to prove what they are?'"




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