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Labrinth: 'I will always choose music over sex'

'Earthquake' hitmaker Labrinth has revealed that if he was forced to pick either music or sex it would be an easy decision because his career always comes first.

The talented singer-songwriter and producer spoke to More magazine about the things that are important in his life and admitted that while he has a girlfriend and loves spending time outside of the studio, music is very much his first love.

When asked whether he prefers football or sex, he quickly replied: "Sex, no hesitation. I don't really follow football. But if you asked me to choose between sex and music, that would be hard. I'd have to say music. Oh god, my girl is going to kill me!"

Labrinth also explained how he can tell if a girl really gets him by the gifts she picks out, adding: "The best present a girl could buy me would be a guitar. If she bought me one, I'd know she really understood me."




Watch his official music video for 'Last Time' below: