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Jessie J would like to perform with Katy Perry "dressed as a cake"

Jessie J has revealed that she'd love to sing with Katy Perry dressed as a cake.

The singer and Voice UK coach took to Twitter today (May 8) for a series of updates on her recent goings on.

She first spoke about an interview she just did about British history - before plotting a cake-themed duet with Katy Perry. She said:

"Just did an interview about the history of Britain. Events that happened 2000 years ago definately play a part how we live now. Interesting."

She then said: "And then got to talk about the amazing @katyperry I still wanna sing with you dressed as a cake guuuurrl :D #daydreaming."

Katy Perry meanwhile is no stranger to cake, having dived into an oversized one on stage during a rather messy performance in 2008.

Watch Katy Perry go cake crazy below: