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Lawson praise Ed Sheeran: 'We'd love to collaborate with him eventually'

Rising stars Lawson have revealed that they're constantly inspired by British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran and would love to collaborate with him if the opportunity presented itself.

Sheeran's recent stateside success motivated the Lawson lads to push on with their pursuit of stardom as they saw it could be done, and the group explained that teaming up with the 'Lego House' hitmaker would be a particular highlight for them:

"We'd love to collaborate with Ed. He's an inspiration to us and we feel like we've both got into the industry through similar ways - gigging up and down the country for years before getting signed."

"He's also breaking the US which is again something we'd love to do. Hopefully for album two we'll get an opportunity to write a tune together."

Lawson will release their debut album, entitled 'Chapman Square', on October 22 and their new single 'Standing In The Dark' was released this week and is expected to do well in the UK charts when its position is confirmed.




Watch Lawson perform a stripped back version of 'Standing In The Dark' here: