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Olly Murs reveals supermarket chat-up skills

Olly Murs has revealed a new talent - picking up ladies in the supermarket.

Although flirting in the dog food aisle may seem a bit strange to some, Olly Murs told The Sun that he often indulges in some supermarket chatting up.

He even revealed that he once came back home with not only some shopping bags but also "seven or eight" phone numbers. He said:

"I used to go after them and try to chat them up. Once I walked home from one and we had seven or eight numbers up our arms."

Murs however doesn't always seem to have the luck when it comes to seducing the ladies.

He recently spoke out about his poor record when it comes to women in the US - hoping that tour buddies One Direction will help him out with some chat up lines when they head out across the country together this summer.




Watch an acoustic version of Murs' 'Oh My Goodness' below: