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Professor Green keeping "careful" after father's suicide

Professor Green has admitted that he has be "careful" following the death of his father over three years ago.

Green's dad committed suicide in 2008 and speaking to The Sun, Green revealed what happened to his dad also "happened to his two brothers as well" - so he is ensuring he keeps careful with regards to his own mental health.

He admitted that he has not been drinking recently because it only makes him feel "100 times worse". He said:

"I'm very level-headed at the moment - unlike the last tour and the two months that followed - so I've not been drinking. If I'm not happy I don't drink because it makes me feel 100 times worse. I know I am up and down, so I have to be really careful with that. What happened with my dad happened to his two brothers as well. I'm pretty sure that's in the genes so I'm really careful."

He continued: "I don't medicate it any more. I was taking bits and bobs before but now I've started exercising as much I can. I never get enough sleep on tour. I have sleeping problems any way and this job has just made that worse. It's fun again now but there was a while when it got a bit painful. But I've got back on track."




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