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Professor Green: 'I'm a man-child and just can't behave myself'

'Lullaby' hitmaker Professor Green has revealed that despite trying, he can't seem to stop behaving in a juvenile way. 

When asked by The Guardian newspaper about the title of his new album, which is 'Growing Up In Public', the rapper admitted that he feels like a 'man-child' and refuses to grow up:

"I’m still a man-child. There’s this hugely juvenile part of me that won’t f**k off, like swearing in interviews. No matter how much I try to behave, I just can’t. I’ve had a lot of s**t happen to me publicly over the last 18 months. I’m not sure everything happens for a reason, but it’s left me in a good place."

Green also opened up about the one celebrity he simply doesn't like and confessed that he thinks chat show host Jeremy Kyle is awful: "I tell you who I don’t want to make friends with: Jeremy Kyle. No one winds me up as much as he does. Hate is such a strong word, but I genuinely hate him."

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