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The Wanted reveal disappointment with last album: 'It was too different'

UK heartthrobs The Wanted have revealed that their previous album, 'Battleground', wasn't their favourite and they hope their new offering will be significantly better.

Member Tom Parker explained to Digital Spy that the sound on their last album was so far from that of their debut release: "Honestly, we didn't think our last album was as strong as our first."

Max George backed up his claim and added: "It was different - too different."

Singer Nathan Sykes admitted that they wanted to make their new album, which is due to be out next year, "bigger" and "more uplifting" so have experimented with a different style:

"With this next album I think we're going to take the darkness from our last record but add in the feeling of our first. This album will be bigger and more uplifting and optimistic."

Referring to their new record, Jay McGuiness confirmed that believing in their music is their priority so they will spend their time working on it until it's perfect:

"We're going to have to live with this album, it's our first worldwide album and we want to get it right. It's no fun performing or promoting if you don't believe in the music."




Watch their music video for 'I Found You' below: