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Jay McGuiness comments on the chemistry between him and Aliona

Singer Jay McGuiness, formerly of The Wanted fame, has opened up about his relationship with 'Strictly Come Dancing' partner, Aliona Vilani, who he recently won the competition with. 

During an interview with ITV's Lorraine Kelly, the heartthrob was asked about the chemistry between them and admitted that it's nothing more than a close bond and being able to portray emotion through dance:

“When you dance with someone, you have to create romance sometimes and people then want to see that almost. But a lot of the time the papers create it and that sort of thing, but I think no matter what I say people will write whatever they want to write.

“We did something that so few people do together, I genuinely will treasure it forever. Honestly, you spend that many hours together, you talk about every single thing, like the most trivial and the most pretentious, literally everything. No matter what happens, you get a best friend out of Strictly.”

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Watch McGuiness and his partner dancing together here:

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