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5SOS's Luke Hemmings: 'Ashton Irwin stuck up for me when I was getting teased'

Rocker Luke Hemmings, of 5 Seconds Of Summer fame, has revealed that before he became friends with Ashton Irwin, the heartthrob stuck up for him in a social situation where he was getting picked on by a crowd of lads. 

Behind the scenes footage from the 'She Looks So Perfect' hitmakers' Cioè photoshoot has now been unveiled and during the accompanying interview, Hemmings recalled a story about an incident where drummer Ashton Irwin really had his back despite not being close to him at the time:

"It's not that dramatic... I was with some people that I didn't really like too much and Ashton was along with them, but I didn't know him then 'cause I didn't know if I liked him or not... the people that I was with - I'd just got a haircut and they were teasing me about it. Ashton was like, "leave the boy alone"."

Speaking to VEVO recently, the boys confessed that 2014 is off to the best start possible and Calum Hood said: "I think last year was like the best year of our lives, ever."

Watch the interview in full below: