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5SOS's Ashton Irwin 'exhausted' after pretending to be Santa for his siblings

Australian hitmaker Ashton Irwin, of 5 Seconds Of Summer fame, has revealed that his Christmas Eve was spent 'playing Santa' to his brother and sister, Harry and Lauren. 

The superstar took to his official Twitter page and explained that he has been hiding presents under the family tree in preparation for the big day tomorrow: "Sneakin' around putting presents under trees pretending to be Santa for my brother and sister is a freakin' military operation...I'm exhausted."

The heartthrob then returned to the site and admitted he hopes lots of youngsters were inspired by his musicianship this year and asked Santa for drum kits: "I hope all your little brothers and sisters and nephews and mums and dads and whatever get drum kits for Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Earlier this week, the 'She Looks So Perfect' sensation told Digital Spy that his siblings often annoy him on Christmas day because they're so rowdy: "I get annoyed at my brother and sister because they're so rowdy and excited for Christmas. I sound like the Grinch, I have a good time… but past midday."

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