BBC unveils next stage to make a more personal BBC for everyone


The BBC has announced the next phase of its plans to make its content, products and services more personalised and tailored to all viewers and listeners.

Today’s developments are the latest stage in reinventing public service broadcasting by using data. A more personal BBC means helping viewers and listeners find more of what they like through more personalised experiences, and - using data - the BBC will be better informed to make decisions around future programming for everyone.

Since last year, over seven million people have signed into the BBC or registered for a BBC account to benefit from more personalised experiences. Given this, the BBC is announcing the next stages:

The first phase will take place this week when the BBC rolls-out a new sign-in system which is more robust and secure than the current one.

The second phase will be in early 2017, when the BBC will ask all viewers and listeners to sign in to BBC iPlayer, BBC iPlayer Radio and some of its mobile apps – to enjoy a more tailored BBC experience.

These changes build on success seen throughout the summer where:

  • Millions chose to get alerted throughout the summer of sport, making sure they didn’t miss the action anytime (day or night) – with 2.8m alert subscribers.
  • On BBC iPlayer, over the summer, viewers received over 70million personalised programme recommendations - making sure they got more of what they loved or discovered something they might not have otherwise found from the BBC.
  • For those who opted in, 22m emails have been sent making people aware of the great new and returning content from across the BBC – increasingly personalised to their interests.
  • The BBC has launched new personalised BBC Music, BBC Bitesize and BBC+ mobile apps – bringing the BBC content viewers and listeners care about to their finger-tips.

Signing in also allows the BBC to make more informed decisions about future programming and services. By knowing more about how people use and like services, we can make even better programming for everyone in the future.

Tony Hall, BBC Director-General, says: “I want everyone to get the very best from the BBC. By learning about what you want and like we can take you to more of the great programmes you love, stories you might be interested in and content you might otherwise never have discovered.

“This is a real transformation - reinventing public service broadcasting for the digital age. Millions of people are already benefitting from this more personalised BBC, and by rolling it out for everyone no one will be left behind.”

To coincide with today’s announcement, the BBC has updated its privacy policy. This is based on three promises:

  • Transparency – the BBC will only collect data needed to give audiences a better experience, improve its services and fulfil its responsibilities as a public service
  • Choice – it will let users manage or delete their BBC account at any time
  • Trust – the BBC will never sell personal details to anyone and only use data commercially when people are using commercial BBC services, like BBC Store.

September 27, 2016 2:39pm ET by BBC One  

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