Interview with Angela Rippon from BBC's The Wall

Can you tell us a little bit about The Wall and the role you play in it? <br>

Basically, I am The Voice of The Wall - as I am the person who asks the questions.

Do you watch a lot of game shows at home?

I occasionally watch Pointless, The Chase, Mastermind and University Challenge. It depends on my work schedule.

What is your favourite game show of all time?


If you were to take part on The Wall, who would you choose to go on with you and why?

My cousin Christopher Betts - he seems to know so much about everything.

You’ve hosted a number of gameshows before: Masterteam, What’s My Line, Matchpoint - and now The Wall. Which has been your favourite one to host and why?

I loved doing Masterteam - we had such fascinating and fun people making up the teams - and a really eclectic batch of questions covering a vast spectrum of subjects. People still talk to me about the show as it was verypopular.

You do lots of TV presenting, would you like to do more quiz show hosting in the future?

In truth I don’t actually host The Wall - that’s Danny’s job - and he does it brilliantly. But I’ve enjoyed all the quiz programmes I’ve worked on, so yes, would love to work on another.

October 9, 2019 8:10am ET by BBC One  


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