Interview with Tom Read Wilson on Celebrity Best Home Cook

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Hello Tom, in the dating world, what home cooked dish would be a win for you?

A salmon steak with a good homemade hollandaise sauce would get me!

What is your home cooked signature dish?

My most requested dish is my tiramisu. I love that it means 'lift me up' in Italian, and mine has a considerable slug of marsala wine so it really does!

Claudia, Mary, Chris and Angela are coming to your house for dinner, what’s on the menu?

I think to please all tongues I’d serve a lovely dover sole with a buttery white wine sauce, samphire, new potatoes. Perhaps to follow I would produce my rather ebrious-making tiramisu!

What is your earliest memory of home cooking. Who was it with?

It was definitely baking with my maternal Granny in one of those gargantuan off-white mixing bowls, which we eagerly licked at the end!

Tell us about a home cooking disaster?

I’m over zealous with tabasco always. Once or twice it’s got the better of me - post digestion if you know what I mean.

How are you going to impress the judges?

They will never be guinea pigs. Anything that has had muted praise from chums and family hitherto I will not attempt to resurrect. Only often requested dishes.

Who is the most famous person you’ve cooked for?

When I was the nanny for the son of Musical Director Nick Skilbeck, he asked that I make a brioche trifle for a dinner party that Imelda Staunton would be attending. She had been the star of his magnificent revival of Gypsy.

It’s late, you’ve just come home after a long day - what’s your go to, ready in a flash meal?

Shredded leeks, onion, white wine, mint, pea fusilli and oat cream. Delicious!

Any special personal home cooked unique creations you’d like to share?

I created a very boozy marsala roulade. You may spot a recurring theme here!

Tell us about your best maverick ingredient, something new perhaps you’ve only just discovered?

I’ve discovered tarragon in a big way. It’s unutterable gorgeousness.

Tell us about your worst ingredient or any foods you really don’t like?

I can’t stand peanut butter. I never could, but aged five it featured in a New Year’s Eve Party, blindfolded, guess-the-condiment game. I was vomitoriously ill.

We’ve all been cooking more at home over the last 12 months, what have you been cooking that’s been a new hit?

I’ve discovered vegan mayonnaise which is so easy and unbelievable delicious with almost everything. It’s simply 500ml of sunflower oil to 250 ml of soya milk with mustard, lemon juice salt and pepper to taste. You’d swear an egg was involved!

If you were made of three ingredients, what would they be?

Champagne, dark chocolate and coffee. I adore them all in equal measure.

In your opinion, what food or dish really is the food of love?

Gosh! Nothing too hard to masticate. I’ve run into difficulty there on dates!

Do you enjoy cooking and is it something that comes naturally to you?

I adore baking. I do think I have a little of Granny’s je ne sais quoi in the cake department.

What would it mean to you to be crowned Celebrity Best Home Cook?

It’d be absolutely lovely. I think, if you’ll pardon the pun, I’d dine out on it for years!

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January 26, 2021 9:35am ET by BBC One  


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