Meet the MasterChef 2023 Contestant Chris - Week 4



Chris, 43 is a circus performer from Oxfordshire. Born in the Cotswolds, he grew up in London and now lives in Henley-on-Thames with his boyfriend.

How would you describe your style of cooking?

My cooking style is like my job ‘performative!’ I love nothing more than the pressure of cooking and making sure all the timing is right! I always want the person eating my food to be wowed with the flavour and excited by the theatrical take on the dish. I’ve been inspired by restaurants where they have performers too but i’ve always wanted more connection between the two. If you’re eating Octopus with black rice, let’s see a giant underwater theatrical scene with sound immersion going on around you, I want the full effect. I’m all about the senses when cooking whether it be visually, musically and last but key is taste great!

What is your earliest cooking memory?

My earliest cooking memory is making Sunday roasts with my mum and grandma. It’s still is a HUGE favourite for me and one that I have perfected over the years. I learnt so much from those times and then going forward I have travelled the world with my performing job so have been lucky enough to eat some incredible ingredients which also inspires me massively.

Why did you enter Masterchef?

I entered MasterChef for a very personal challenge, to try to find a new direction in life that would one day encompass my love of food with my love of entertainment and performing. It was a personal goal (can I even do this?!). I also love being a performer and having the chance to be on the programme in that gorgeous MasterChef kitchen with John and Gregg is amazing. I knew it would be a huge challenge but I believe you must push yourself in life and try out those dreams. They really can come true if you just try!”

What is your food dream?

My food dream is very unique! I’d like to take my Chrisalys Circus Pig character and turn him into a TV food chef! I think we have space in the world for a cooking fire breathing pig on TV and what better place to start a food career than the MasterChef kitchen. I’d love to travel more and then who knows one day have that performance restaurant that I dream of with acrobats, trapeze artists, fire breathing all with delicious theatrical food, wouldn’t that be amazing!


Please note this information is accurate at the time of filming; certain aspects may have since changed but this represents the contributors as the competition starts.

MasterChef 2023 got underway on Monday, April 10 at 8 pm on BBC One.

There are three new episodes of MasterChef each week. The series doesn't have a regular pattern for episodes this year, so please check below for the latest updates on when each heat airs.

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