Interview With Adam Nagaitis, Who Plays Franny In 'The Responder'

Martin Freeman and the cast and creatives discuss new characters, complex relationships, and Scouse accents in season two


Will be available on BritBox this summer. Filmed in and around Liverpool, the new season joins the unconventional urgent response officer six months on from season one



30 April 2024 – The Responder is a distinctive new take on crime drama from the makers of The Salisbury Poisonings, Dancing Ledge Productions. Written by ex-police officer Tony Schumacher, his first original series for television, The Responder holds a mirror up to the emotional extremes of life on the front line of British policing – sometimes darkly funny, sometimes painfully tragic, always challenging. The Responder follows Chris Carson (Martin Freeman), a crisis-stricken, morally compromised, unconventional urgent response officer on the beat in Liverpool. Whilst trying to keep his head above water both personally and professionally, his partner Rachel (Adelayo Adedayo) is also looking for meaning in the job but can’t seem to find it anymore. Both know that if they are to survive, they will need each other more than ever.

Series two joins Chris Carson six months on from series one. Chris is attempting to rebuild his life, and his relationships, desperate to avoid the corruption that nearly sucked him under. He is trying to be a better police officer, a better man, and most importantly, a better father to his daughter Tilly. All whilst still dealing with the relentless trauma of being a night response officer. Chris wants a day job. Chris needs a day job. But is he prepared to risk everything to get one? Rachel Hargreaves is putting her life back together too. She’s still fuming at the way Chris dragged her down with him into the dirt in series one, and now she’s desperately trying to take control of a life and a career that sometimes feels like it’s slipping away. But after working with a succession of ‘normal’ coppers, Rachel is starting to realise she’s got more in common with Chris than she’d ever want to admit. As they are sucked back together, and into the night, they must pull each other back into the light. But then a routine stop on a black Range Rover changes everything, and suddenly the darkness beckons once again.

The Responder (5x60’) is written by Tony Schumacher and produced by Fremantle-backed Dancing Ledge Productions, for BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

It is directed by Jeanette Nordahl, Mounia Akl, and Charlotte Regan and produced by Barrington Robinson with multi BAFTA award-winning and Emmy-nominated executive producers Laurence Bowen, Chris Carey and Toby Bruce for Dancing Ledge Productions. Rebecca Ferguson is the executive producer for the BBC.

Fremantle is handling global distribution for the series. Filming took place in and around Liverpool City Region with support from the Liverpool Film Office.

Series one of The Responder is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

Interview with Adam Nagaitis (Franny)

What is it about Tony’s writing that attracted you to the role of Franny?

It was beautifully captured by Tony, especially the comedy. An old Harold Clerman joke is perfect here; you make the audience laugh and then you pour the truth down their neck while their mouths are open. Which is exactly what Tony does.

Who is Franny?

Franny is a plasterer and is also an international drug dealer. He is one of many trials for Chris this series as he offers him the opportunities to exercise the otherwise undiscovered parts of himself.

What made you want to play Franny?

As an actor you just want to find a good character, so I just jumped on it! I followed my instincts, and knew I'll be okay with Tony and Martin because they want to do something good. Which is how you build someone like Franny, ironically, because that's what he is doing, he’s just following his instincts.

What was it like working with Martin?

Martin's performance was close to perfect. Nuanced, beautiful, moving and incredibly frustrating and depressing. He also might be the most available, aware in the present moment actors I've ever been opposite.

What was it like filming in Liverpool?

Being with the crew and the people of Liverpool was one of my favourite parts of the whole process. One day we were filming outside a pub and these two teenage girls walked past, as we were all just concentrating on the scene and freezing, and one of them went, “Action! Cut!” We weren't sure whether to laugh or sigh. Amaka and I went, “good for them!”. We come into their community and start filming, good for them, they should all be out here shouting.

Source BBC One

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