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Ed Sheeran on upcoming tour: "It will just be me with an acoustic guitar for two hours"

Ed Sheeran has revealed that his upcoming UK and Ireland arena tour will stick to his roots and feature just himself and an acoustic guitar.

The singer-songwriter recently announced a massive jaunt for October which will see Sheeran promote his yet to be released second album.

However, anyone expecting arena theatrics will be left somewhat disappointed. The '+' star told Capital FM:

"There's going to be no bands, no back dancers, no backing singers, no flames, no fireworks - just me with an acoustic guitar for two hours hopefully playing songs that people know."

Speaking recently about his upcoming album meanwhile, Sheeran said that producer Rick Rubin encouraged him to think about his tracks as pizzas.

He said: "If you view a recording as a pizza, the main part of a pizza is the base, and without the base and the tomato sauce on it, you can't build anything on that. So the base is the live performance. So you perform it live with an acoustic guitar, however you want to do it, and record that as the main track.

"And then after is when you sprinkle the cheese on, you put a bit of bass on it, you put on herbs, i.e. drums, then you put on some pepperoni if you're into that. Some songs are the margheritas, some songs are the four cheese ones; it differs."




Watch Ed Sheeran perform live below: