UK rapper QBoy Turns Hip-Hop Stereotypes On Their Head With Latest Track

UK-based rapper QBoy is attempting to shed some of hip-hop’s outdated stereotypes in his controversial new music video for “Show Me Your Deck”.

Setting up an unusual yet revolutionary partnership with the world’s largest porn site, Cam4, the accomplished artist’s ballsy video oozes with deep blues, fluorescent pinks and embraces the bulge to underline the sexualisation (or lack, thereof) of men in the music industry.

Treading on the edge of explicit, “Show Me Your Deck” stands out among a seemingly endless list of music videos which see women being placed into precarious positions in scanty lingerie for the pleasure of a mostly male audience.

And yet, while it’s true that great strides have been made on the subject of sexuality in the music industry  (with artists from Frank Ocean to Mykki Blanco reaching critical acclaim in recent years), QBoy still finds himself wrangling with hetero-centric barriers that have been allowed to stand too tall, for too long.

Playfully undressing the issue in true QBoy fashion, “Show Me Your Deck” fiercely asserts itself and will certainly have the public’s ears pricking up and taking notice.     

December 15, 2016 12:11pm ET by The Famous Company   Comments (0)

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