London Rockers 'The Fuse' Release Explosive New Album ‘Alamein’

‘Alamein’ is a 10-track showpiece of gleaming powerful indie-rock, mammoth sing-alongs and euphorically catchy guitar riffs produced by none other than Javier Weyler (Stereophonics).  The album touches on subjects of hope, despair and the mysteries of the subconscious with a passionate yet musically solid approach.

These gentlemen are not wallflowers of rock, but dedicated musicians who have seen it all and are still coming back for more.  ‘Alamein’ is the album many thought the now 8 years old band would never make, as old members buckled under pressure and their manager was struck down with cancer, leaving the future seeming bleak.   Instead it marks a new beginning, a glorious realisation of powerful rock.  This is why the name Alamein was chosen – The Fuse have fought hard for the right to make this album – and by winning with it, will write a triumphant chapter in their careers.

'Before Alamein, we never had a victory. After Alamein, we never had a defeat.'  Winston Churchill

Listen to a 90 second preview of Alamein HERE

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