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ITV November 2023 monthly highlights

• Archie, the drama covering the life of Hollywood’s greatest leading man - Cary Grant - and starring Jason Isaacs launching at the end of the month

• Films on ITVX from 1st November include There Will Be Blood, The Social Network, Apocalypto, Mamma Mia: Here we Go Again! and many more. Jonathan Ross: Much Watch Films launching on 2nd November

• The ‘Cons and Swindles’ strand of documentaries continues with In Search of Instagram’s Worst • Con Artist streaming from 2nd November

• Cons and Swindles - The Great Erection Deception: The Stiff Nights Story and Cons and Swindles: The Football Fraudster launching on 9th November

• JFK: The Home Movie that Changed the World launching on 16th November

• ITVX Kids titles launching this month include Agent 203, DC Superhero Girls, Teen Titans Go, Gamers 2037, Lego Friends, Teletubbies Let’s Go, Polly Pocket Series 4 and Barbie: A Perfect Christmas


1st November

Feature films:

Contemporary dramas added to ITVX this month include The Social Network (2010) starring Jesse Eisenberg, There Will Be Blood (2007) starring Daniel Day-Lewis and Whale Rider (2002) starring Keisha Castle-Hughes. Thrillers Apocalypto (2006), starring Rudy Youngblood, Escape Plan 2 (2018) starring Sylvester Stallone and Priest (2011) starring Paul Bettany will also be available to view. Lastly, for lighter viewing, users can enjoy musicals Cadillac Records (2008) starring Beyonce or Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again! (2018) featuring Meryl Streep, or comedies Paul Blart Mall Cop (2009) and Paul Blart Mall Cop 2 (2015) both starring Kevin James.

2nd November


Jonathan Ross: Must Watch Films

Jonathan Ross’ monthly film recommendations cover a selection of the best films available on the service including JFK (1991), Dunkirk (1958), Capricorn One (1977), The Man Who Fell To Earth (1976), Dr. Strangelove (1964), Charade (1963) and more.

In Search of Instagram’s Worst Con Artist (part of ‘Cons and Swindles’ season)

The inside story of Belle Gibson, a 21-year-old social influencer who claimed that she cured her terminal cancer through wellness and healthy eating.

Her miraculous story brought her fame and money with a successful app, a book deal and countless television appearances, but when journalists investigated, they discovered something shocking: none of her story was true and she never had cancer. She had misled her millions of followers - and for some there were devastating consequences.


Agent 203

“So, my dad might still be alive?” Imagine Zoe Stranek’s surprise when she finds out her dad didn’t work at Starbucks, but used to be a secret agent, protecting our planet against Alien invasions. So when Ulav, her dad’s old partner and weird comedic alien, tells her this, she decides to step into her father's footsteps. Together with her new alien bestie and her best friends Quigley and Rock, she protects our planet from General Gore, the ultimate badass alien, hoping to find out what happened to her father.

DC Superhero Girls

As Metropolis High students, super teens Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Bumblebee, Batgirl, Zatanna, and Green Lantern fight crime, classwork and crushes. Further episodes launch on 16th November.

Lego Friends: New Beginnings

The new series will see Aliya, Autumn, Leo, Zac, Nova, Paisley, Olly, and Liann navigate their first year of high school while becoming friends. During that first year, the teens rally to save a dilapidated building and convert it into a community centre.

9th November


The Great Erection Deception: The Stiff Nights Story (part of ‘Cons and Swindles’ season)

Featuring interviews with key figures involved, this brand-new film tells the true story about an unlikely partnership between a Mormon and vegan who got together to create what could be marketed as an all-natural sexual supplement that would compete with Viagra.

They called the pill Stiff Nights and it had enormous success selling in shops all over the US and beyond, but hte success was short-lived when the FDA started looking into them and discovered that Stiff Nights wasn’t all natural and contained sildenafil, an ingredient in Viagra. An investigation was launched - an elaborate sting - and that’s when the action got very hot…

The Football Fraudster (part of ‘Cons and Swindles’ season)

When his promising professional football career ends, Medi Abalimba turns to an astonishing life of crime - this film tracks what followed as the fraudster poses as stars from the world of sport and business to scam multiple unsuspecting victims.

We hear from Medi’s victims - including Love Island star Georgia Steel - as they reveal how this accomplished fraudster earned their trust before betraying them in the most devastating ways, and forensic psychologist Dr Donna Youngs provides context and insight into what might have driven the escalation in Medi’s crimes and how easy it was to fall under his spell.


All Round Champions (Series 2)

The second series of the show that sees ten young athletes compete in the ultimate sports competition; the winner is crowned All Round Champion.

16th November


JFK: The Home Movie that Changed the World

November 22nd, 2023 is the 60th anniversary of a day that changed everything - the assassination of John F. Kennedy in Dallas, Texas.

This is the story of Abraham Zapruder and the most important amateur video in history, how he happened to be so close to the president at the crucial moment, and why his footage was seized on by conspiracy theorists in the debate about who shot JFK.

The film JFK (1991) starring Kevin Costner and Gary Oldman will also be made available to stream.


Gamers 2037

Kite, a Searcher determined to rescue The Absorbed, is followed by ex-best friends, Xeon and Galahad, as she enters an abandoned warehouse where the last remaining VAARG ARK hides. Additional episodes launched.

Teletubbies Let’s Go

Teletubbies Let’s Go will bring iconic characters; Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa Laa and Po, to the next generation of children. Expect brand new surprises alongside the return of beloved cast members; The Tiddlytubbies , The NooNoo , Tiddly Noo, Sun Baby, Voice Trumpets and the Narrator.

23rd November



The life of Hollywood’s greatest leading man, Cary Grant, is to be depicted in a four-part drama, Archie, written by award winning screenwriter, Jeff Pope, and starring Jason Isaacs in the leading role.

Born in Bristol, England in 1904, to parents Elsie and Elias, Archie narrates the story of a young Archibald Alexander Leach’s troubled childhood and how extreme poverty, his father’s adultery and the loss of his older brother, John, tore the family apart and sent his loving mother into a downward spiral of grief and depression.

At 14 he auditioned for the music hall act, the Bob Pender Troupe, a band of acrobats, stilt walkers, clown and comedians after seeing them perform at the Bristol Hippodrome. Lean and athletic, he learned the art of stilt walking, and when the troupe went on tour to the US, teenage Archie was intoxicated by the land of opportunity. Believing he had no family to return to in the UK, he decided to stay in the US to try to make his way in showbusiness.

With no thoughts of acting, a chance meeting with the comedian George Burns helped him find his first footing on the acting ladder and a contract with a movie studio who felt he needed to change his name, and Cary Grant was born.

To complement the launch of Archie, ITVX has also acquired a collection of legendary Cary Grant films which will be available to stream exclusively on the platform from 1st November including Charade, The Grass is Greener, Houseboat, Indiscreet and Holiday.


Polly Pocket: Series 4

After uncovering a magical locket that allows her to shrink in size, Polly and her friends set out on big adventures with petite power.

30th November


Barbie: A Perfect Christmas

Seasonal animated adventure with Barbie. Join Barbie and her sisters on December 23rd as they prepare to visit their parents in Manhattan for the Christmas holidays.


November highlights on BritBox UK include Dickensian (2015), starring Peter Firth, Pauline Collins, Tuppence Middleton, Stephen Rea, Caroline Quentin and more, comedy film Click & Collect (2018) starring Stephen Merchant and Asim Chaudhry and the hilarious series Episodes (2011-2017) starring Matt LeBlanc, Stephen Mangan and Tamsin Grieg.

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