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Jay-Z to invite Barack Obama to his festival

Jay-Z is up for inviting US President Barack Obama to his recently announced festival.

As previously reported, the rap mogul confirmed that he is set to launch is own two day festival in September.

It will take place in Philadelphia and will see proceeds going to charity.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, Jay-Z suggested that he would be up for having Barack Obama sing at the event. When asked if he'd be game for Obama, Jay-Z said:

"Ah, yeah, that guy. I'm gonna try. I'm gonna tell you guys right now: I'm gonna give him a call and I'm gonna try to get him to perform – do a little rendition of Al Green – but I doubt it. I think that opens up the political season. He'll be so far into helping the world that he probably won't have time, but I'm absolutely going to ask him."




Watch Obama sing Al Green below: