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Jimmy Eat World reveal the 'Invented' songwriting process

Jimmy Eat World’s front man, Jim Adkins, opens up about the songwriting process for the band’s new album, ‘Invented’, and his love for photography.

In an interview with The Lacma Blog, Adkins revealed his past as a student of the visual arts:

“I was on the road to some kind of photography-based career before the devil music got to me.”

He also explained his inspiration for a lot of the ‘Invented’ lyrics:

“Just purely as an exercise to get my brain in a writing mode, I would take 10–15 minutes and free write based on Cindy Sherman and Hannah Starkey images. It was an extension of another exercise called object writing where you take a random noun and do the same thing trying to incorporate all senses."

"I found some of the more interesting ideas were creeping into the music I was working on. Probably 85–90% of Invented has photographic works by those two as a jumping off point.”

The band has just announced tour dates for Australia and New Zealand in 2011 and you can watch the video for ‘My Best Theory’ here: