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Joe Jonas: 'Music as a career is better than anything'

Singer Joe Jonas has confessed that he never thought he could make a career out of his passion for music.

Chatting to The San Diego Union-Tribune, he explained that it seemed more like something he could do as a hobby so was overjoyed when he discovered that he could earn a paycheck from it as well:

"I think music - specifically for myself - when I was younger, it was just a joy. I didn't think of it as a career. It was, 'Wow, this is really exciting! I get to do this all over the world!' Now, as I get older, it's the same joy. I still get to travel the world and see amazing places. It's much better than anything else I could put my mind to."

Joe Jonas went onto add that he has never really had a 'normal' job, so working in entertainment must be in his blood: "I never had another job. It was theatre I worked in; I did 'Oliver' and La Bohème on Broadway. So I've been able to have experiences on stage that weren't necessarily roles... For example being able to be on stage and write your own music and perform it and go off script is what I prefer. But it was a good way to get started."

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