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Lady Antebellum: 'Pop acts don't seem to understand how harmonies work'

Country trio Lady Antebellum have just released their highly anticipated new album '747' and they revealed that country music is where they will stay because it is 'who they are'.

The band's Charles Kelley spoke to Billboard magazine about working within the country genre as opposed to being in the pop world and admitted that it seems to offer a path of longevity because it's not fuelled by sales figures and instant popularity:

"If we were a pop act, I'd be afraid every next single would be so stressful, because it's like if you don't keep having single, single, single, you're done. In country, we can have a single that may not do as well as the last one and they're still with us. Country music has become so popular [because] there is this neglected pop-rock sound."

"I don't want to sound mean, but it's almost like maybe some pop acts don't understand how harmony works. They're like, "Let's sing together," and they literally sing the same parts. [Other genres are] so beat-driven. Country is just an escape from that. It's like, if I hear another damn dubstep beat..."

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Watch the band's music video for 'I Did With You' here: